I use graphic facilitation and illustration as a tool to guide workshops, implement concepts, and introduce new organizational methods and practices. I've taught workshops with anywhere from 15 participants to 60+ participants; I carefully cater my message depending on the audience size and intended result. I guide participants through my experiences and best practices, as well as how they can use these tools in their day to day. I've frequently gotten feedback after the workshops that participants have started using my tools, thought processes, and methods as part of their design process. 

I've also live illustrated lectures for both internal and external clients; these external clients include Google Sidewalk Labs and Deloitte. 

As part of the graphic facilitation workshops, I also teach rapid prototyping and concept generation. The aim of these workshops is to teach participants that prototyping is an easy and simple way to illustrate a concept to both your team and your clients. Participants also learned that prototyping does not have to mean high fidelity, and can take shape in many different ways.

Pictured below are some examples of participants prototyping with found materials in order to better explain their concepts.